Our goal is to treat our patients in a compassionate atmosphere, providing a full range of therapy modalities to help them improve function and, therefore, the quality of their lives. We work closely with physicians to develop a plan of care specific to individual needs. All therapy is performed by our friendly, caring, state-licensed physical therapists with a physician on site to assist with any questions or concerns.

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Workplace Health Management

Yosemite Physical Therapy has an extensive range of specialized workplace health management programs to help employers offer safe working conditions and keep employees healthy.  Our solutions help employers and employees effectively reduce the costs and lost work hours associated with work injury.

Certified Ergonomic Assessments are available on-site, and allow us the opportunity to assess a particular work environment for safety and risk of injury, and to develop recommendations and a comprehensive plan for changes in the physical layout of the work space, equipment, or other environmental variables to help maintain a healthy work place.

Certified Functional Capacity Assessments are available to help determine what limitations if any that an injured worker needs to adhere to when returning to work.  In some cases, the injury may lead to permanent limitations, which prevent the employee from returning to their prior job.   This assessment helps the employee and their doctor understand what he or she might be capable of doing, and so helps them understand what job categories might best match their capabilities.

Pre-employment strength testing allows us the opportunity to partner with employers to determine which prospective employees can satisfy the physical strength, coordination and dexterity requirements of a particular job.  We assess the critical physical demands of the job and create an appropriate pre-employment test that we can then use to determine whether the job and the employee are a good “match”.  This prevents employers from hiring those who do not have the physical capacity to perform the job, thereby reducing workplace injury and significantly reducing costs associated with those injuries.

Our local clients include but not limited to: Scholle Corporation, Merced County, McLane Pacific and Riggs Ambulance Service.