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Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

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For the discerning athlete, there is simply no comparison between general rehabilitation after an injury and rehabilitation after a sports-related injury. For one, their goals are different. Sport specific rehab goes beyond recovery. It focuses on the mechanics and forces of your sport to prepare you to play again with equal or even better performance than before.

When your body is used to the rigors of athletic activities, basic rehab just isn’t enough. You need an experienced sports physical therapist to get you back into prime condition to return to the sport you love.

Why Sport Specific Rehabilitation?

Sports injuries are incredibly common as more people seek healthier lifestyles and encourage their children to participate in youth sports. One study finds8.6 million Americans suffered a sports-related injury in one year. Many of these injuries can be treated at home while others require some hospitalization. If you are hospitalized for a sports injury, you will likely require physical therapy, too.

Physical therapy is necessary for a full recovery after a sports-related injury. Often injured body parts must be immobilized or rested while they heal. During the healing process, those muscles and joints get out of practice, so to speak. As part of the rehabilitation process, you need to exercise the injured area to build up strength and regain normal function. Physical therapy teaches you how to do this safely so you regain mobility efficiently and avoid further injury.

Sports physical therapy for athletes is especially important. Whereas regular physical therapy helps patients recover the ability to perform daily living activities, sports physical therapy restores your body’s ability to withstand the extreme stress of athletics.

Sports PT targets the specific needs of your sport. Every sport requires different movements and mechanics and exerts different forces on your body. Where a weightlifter needs more focus on strength and conditioning, a runner will benefit more from gait analysis. A sports physical therapist can give you tailored exercises to address the specific strain of your sport and prepare you to perform under those stresses again.

Sports PT also considers your unique body composition that can affect your athletic performance as well as your rehabilitation. Your sports physical therapist can recognize how your body works and help you correct pre-existing physiological imbalances or potentially damaging patterns of motion that put you at risk for further injury. 

Benefits of Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Sport-specific rehabilitation is the best course of action to restore and enhance your original athletic abilities when you have suffered a debilitating sports injury. There are many other benefits to sports PT that will aid in your recovery, such as:

  • Pain management
  • Increased cellular metabolism to encourage healing of damaged tissue
  • Increased circulation in the injured area to encouraging healing
  • Strengthening of weakened muscles
  • Prevention of muscular atrophy
  • Stimulation of joint receptors
  • Restoration of range of motion and increased flexibility in tight muscles
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Increased extensibility of connective and supporting tissue structures
  • Relief of muscular spasms

Ultimately, sport specific rehab is designed to help you heal faster and more completely while minimizing pain and preventing further injury. Don’t just settle for general rehabilitation. With proper sports PT, athletes of all skill levels can return to their sport better than ever.

The Right Sports Physical Therapist

If you have a sports-related injury and plan on returning to your sport, you need to work with experienced sports physical therapists like those at On The Hop Physical Therapy. As a leader in sport specific rehabilitation, we develop individualized therapeutic regimens for our patients that help them recover and return to their sport faster. Our services are designed to serve athletes across many sports and skill levels.

The only way to return to your sport in prime condition is to seek sport-specific rehab with knowledgeable sports physical therapists who understand your sport and what it takes to perform your best.

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