Our goal is to treat our patients in a compassionate atmosphere, providing a full range of therapy modalities to help them improve function and, therefore, the quality of their lives. We work closely with physicians to develop a plan of care specific to individual needs. All therapy is performed by our friendly, caring, state-licensed physical therapists with a physician on site to assist with any questions or concerns.

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Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Of Broward

Best Sports Physical Therapists Near Me

Sports Physical Therapy involves evaluation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Our Sports Physical Therapists work with doctors to develop programs to help athletes manage pain and recuperate from injuries. They also play a role in assessing when someone is ready to return to physical activity. Athletic trainers try to prevent injuries as part of their duties, but physical therapists typically see patients only after they’ve had a medical issue and must focus on helping those patients recover and then teach them how to try to prevent further injuries. Athletic trainers are where sports and medicine meet. Athletic trainers do jobs like tape or brace people to prevent injuries before a game, evaluate injuries, give emergency care or first aid, create rehabilitation plans and go through them with injured athletes, and record patient injury, healing and recovery. Our certified Exercise Physiologists and Trainers create programs that help athletes get back on their playing surface quicker and their successful road to recovery.

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